In 2014, Florida's total merchandise trade reached $153.2 billion, the third highest its ever been, according to Enterprise Florida. Trade and international investment create growth, support job opportunities, and diversify the economy.


  However, Miami itself holds great opportunities for business and economic development. Outbound trade missions to China are key in promoting Miami's geographic location to Latin American trade, multilingual workforce, and unique culture. 


  Trade missions publicize international trade between government officials, businesses, and trade communities.  China Import and Export Fair, otherwise known as the Canton Fair, is held every Spring April 15th and Autumn October 15th in Guangzhou. The Canton Fair has one of the longest histories and the world's largest import and export exhibition.


   Canton Fair is a comprehensive international trading event with the longest history, the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the largest buyer attendance and the greatest business turnover in China. It is renowned as “China’s No.1 Fair”. Canton Fair is currently the largest trade promotion platform in China and the worlds’ largest indoor trade exposition. Up to the present, the CF has been responsible for up to $1.15 trillion USD in exports from China and the total number of overseas buyers tapping into the CF has surpassed 7 million companies.


   The exhibition area of the CF totals 11.8 million ft 2, At 11,800,000 sf, the Canton Fair is the World’s Largest Exhibition Area. The next largest is Germany’s Hannover Exhibition Center with a gross capacity of 4,632,750 sf. By local comparison, the total indoor space of Miami International Airport is about 7,000,000 sf. There is space for over 50,000 exhibition booths and number of exhibitors from home and abroad number more than 24,000 companies per session. Over 200,000 buyers attend the Fair from more than 200 countries and regions per session.


    Canton Fair is not just about exporting from China. In March 2015, according to Chinese President Xi Jinping, China will import more than US$10 trillion of goods in the coming five years. Canton Fair is also one of the predominant vehicles for importing into China. Every year more than 500 international companies are on exhibition in the Canton Fair. The Canton fair has been responsible for introducing many international products into China. China's new importing trend has just begun and the Canton Fair as a platform for selling products into China is one of the best ways.











  Meanwhile, the China International Fair for Investment & Trade (CIFIT) is held on September 8-11 every year in Xiamen, China. It is China's only international investment event with the purpose of promoting two-way investment. China Premier Li Keqiang said in November 2015 that China is likely to invest more than US $1 trillion overseas in the next five years. China International Fair for Investment & Trade (CIFIT) is a primary way of tapping into some of these investments.











   In order to fill the great demand for trade missions to China, the China Latin American Trade Center is actively organizing and promoting trade and investment missions to the Canton Fair, the China International Fair for Investment & Trade (CIFIT) and many other venues to enhance the competitive capabilities of client participants.


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