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The day in which two families of opposite social classes, the Cotapos and the Perez, learned that during 17 years they have raised two young men that are not their biological children, their destinies change completely.

Nobody imagined that the newborns were unintentionally switched in a hospital were only two women gave birth during a terrible storm – the wife of the richest man in the country, Virginia Donoso, and a woman of humble origins, Eloisa Rivas.


Nicolas Cotapos and Freddy Perez, grew up with opposite lifestyle than that of their real parents.  Nicolas had only experienced a lifestyle of abundance, and living well without major responsibilities, while Freddy worked hard with his mother, struggling to put food on the table for them and his younger sister.

Years went by and a revelation made to the Cotapos, causes the unexpected turn that leads them to uncover the shocking truth.  This circumstances compels them to face the many changes ahead.


In the midst of a social scandal, the chaos leads them to solve their differences in a court that orders the young men to live one year with their respective biological families before they come of age.

The allotted period of time, which could become either a dream or a nightmare, would be the term for each one to choose his own destiny, which could lead Nicolas to learn to value the simple things in life and Freddy to enjoy the luxuries of being Cotapos.


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