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Gabriela Suarez (Arambula) is the only female working in a gold mine full of men who constantly berate her. When the owner of the mine dies, the rights are handed over to his wife, Antonia Guerra (Christian Bach) - known as “La Patrona”- a stunningly beautiful woman, even now at full maturity. She is ambitious and vindictive. However to men she is seductive, manipulating them with her femininity. To women, Antonia reveals her true face: it is despotic, threatening straight-forward and very dangerous, willing to do anything to end who crosses her path. This imposing and beautiful woman will still be the worst enemy of Gabriela.


“La Patrona” features a star-studded cast including Araceli Arambula, Christian Bach, Jorge Luis Pila, Javier Díaz Dueña, and young leading actors Gonzalo García Vivanco, Christian de la Campa and Manuel Balbi. 


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