China Latin American Trade Center



The China Latin American Trade Center serves as a resource center to identify, search and locate wide range of global businessed and opportunities that are of interest to the community, local business, corporations, and organizations.

I. Multilateral Trade and Commercial Consultation (China Based Issues)


II. China Latin American Mineral Division and Mining Consultation


The China Latin American Trade Center Mineral Division is a one stop mining property company serving mineral prospectors, exploration companies and mining corporations worldwide in their sales to Asian buyers. China Latin American Trade Center Mineral Division purpose is to enable more effective and efficient marketing of mineral properties regardless of property size, commodity or location. Through our access to geologists, mining industry consultants, legal experts, brokers and underwriters, all of whom are experienced in mine operations, reclamation and closure—your company partners with our highly-specialized industry professionals.

III. Film, Television and Media


China Latin American Trade Center is involved the production, marketing and trading of Film, Television and Media Related products from China, Latin America and the United States. Our goal is to promote the creation of more Film, Television and Media facilities in Florida that support this effort.  We are affiliates and service providers of Innovation Productions International (IPI) in facilitating Film, Television and Media business with China. We are also in contact with numerous well known international companies and resources in the Film, Television and Media industry that we may involve to any chosen projects.


IV. Infrastructure Related Projects


 Through our extensive network of capabilities, China Latin American Trade Center is able to locate and facilitate the from China the resources, financial and otherwise, necessary to handle infrastructure projects such as road construction, bridge building, railroad contraction and any transportation and civil work related projects in the American Hemisphere. Please contact us for further information.


V. Other China Related Projects


China Latin American Trade Center is at the forefront of commercial relations and capabilities when it comes to China. Our network of capabilities is too extensive to list here. Please contact us for further explorations of your China related needs.



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