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With a couple of suitcases, the companionship of her young son Lalo, and a handful of bills in her pocket, Marisa Lujan decided to leave her town after armed groups arrived to take over the area.  Without looking back, she went to the grand metropolis. 


The determined and daring woman never gave up, and she remained strong until the day her luck changed.  Marisa was hired as a maid in a prestigious hotel in Manhattan.  Not only would this change her life but also her heart’s fate.


Because of a small misunderstanding generated by her son Lalo, Marisa meets Cristobal Parker, a millionaire and successful young businessman, who mistakes her for an elegant hotel guest.  The three enjoyed a very pleasant stroll through Central Park; and in less than two hours, Cristobal knew that Marisa is the woman of his dreams.  This moment marks the beginning of this story in which two hearts will have to reveal their true identities in order to give way to love.




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