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Ignacia (Ana Layevska) is a young engineer working on a large construction company, which is owned by Tomás Villamayor (Fabián Ríos), her boyfriend. They have a lot of time together, and finally decide to get married, but Ignacia knows the kind of man Tomás really is.


In the end they have a very strong fight, which makes Ignacia go out of the town and take her time. It is there when she meets Pedro Pérez (Jose Luis Resendez), a simple laborer without money and big aspirations, who makes her forget all her problems, attraction between both is immediate and mutual (love at first sight). They can avoid it, they ended spending a memorable weekend which ended on a Sunday afternoon, by then the two were so in love with each other.


But Ignacia knows what she's experiencing is a dream, a parenthesis in his life. So Monday morning, when Pedro wakes up, he finds a note at his side. It says Ignacia thanks him, and leaves him without a trace. On Ignacia return home, she finds Tomás awaiting her with the news of her getting a new position in the company, and is looking for her forgiveness. She agrees but gets surprised when she comes to the building, now being a management worker, to see Pedro as a worker.


Ignacia and Pedro discover that despite having every reason in the world not to be together, love over prejudice, differences and rejection.




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