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I’m the Boss presents the story of a separated couple: Sofia Kuncar and Diego Buzzoni. He is a cheerful, sly, charming and smart man, who loves his job as a radio announcer but has serious problems adapting to its structure and established rules. He is the opposite of Sofia, who is an attractive, sophisticated, well-cultured and very organized executive woman. She works as a headhunter in a prestigious company and has been very successful in her professional accomplishments.


Regardless of her emotional intelligence and her perfectionism, Sofia has not been able to effectively balance the demands of her responsibilities at work and at home. Because of this, Sofia has made a very peculiar agreement with Diego; while she continues working hard to keep growing in her career, he will take care of their two daughters, Antonella and Chiara. He will also manage the household duties 24 hours a day. This role change will bring about constant disagreements, but this time in the midst of jealousy, new partners and other obstacles, living together will make them realize that they still have feelings for each other and that their love is far from over.


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