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Behind Bianca Santillana’s beautiful eyes hides a secret that is silently troubling her…a deep bitterness against Flavia, her mother.


Bianca hates her mother and blames her for the death of the person who loved her the most, her father, and for the fact that she never wanted her own daughters.  Bianca wants to make her pay, not realizing that fate will lead her to repeat the same actions she blamed her mother for.


Mrs. Flavia, as Bianca calls her scornfully, looks very good for her age.  She has her eye on Ariel Piamonte, a multimillionaire businessman and widower, whom she sees as her way out of the debts her husband left her when he died. 


However, Flavia did not anticipate that her daughter would not hesitate to take advantage of this situation to give free rein to her revenge.  Bianca deals her mother the final blow by putting an end to her plans thus preventing her from ruining his life as well…


As a result of their meetings at the cemetery, where Ariel visits his wife’s grave and Bianca visits her father’s, they strike up a friendship that turns into a relationship born of the bond created in mourning together, and characterized by thoughtfulness and kindness.  The time will come when these noble feelings cause Ariel Piamonte to fall in love with Bianca Santillana, the beautiful woman 25 years his junior, who encourages him to take another chance at love.


Bianca will manage to change the destiny of both families, not knowing if it will be for better or worse.  Although Nina, the soft but controlling daughter of Ariel, is the first one to oppose her father’s marriage, it will be Bruno, Ariel’s handsome and womanizing nephew who will become the true problem when she finally gives in to the love her heart feels. 


Whenever she looks in the mirror, she will see the reflection of her mother…whom she has become without realizing it.


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