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Fearless Heart is a gripping tale of love, loyalty, courage and intrigue, in which two female bodyguards will face not only those trying to attack their protected ones, but also those who stand in their way of reaching happiness.


Angela, the daughter of a humble bodyguard, and Samantha, the rich girl who this man protected, have never forgotten that day at the pool that became the worst nightmare of their lives.  Suddenly, kidnappers came to take Samantha, and Angela’s father in an act of total courage, managed to save the life of the small girl but not his own.  After that fatal event, the girls took separate paths.


After many years, Samantha, who is now an audacious bodyguard, arrives at Angela’s bakery at the time that criminals are stealing, and together they subdue the thieves.  The reunion of these friends marks the beginning of a new direction for Angela’s life, who decides to leaver her business to become a bodyguard like her friend.


What is Angela’s first mission? To protect Juan Marcos Arroyo’s daughter.  Juan Marcos is a lawyer and successful businessman who met Angela few years ago, when she was delivering a cake in his parents; home.  Meeting him again revives in her that intense attraction she felt the first time she saw him, although she knows he is forbidden for her because he is married.


On the other hand, Samantha has the responsibility of protecting the man who stole her heart when she was just 15 years old.  He is Willy Del Castillo, a playboy who des not remember her.  Although Samantha has learned to put her feelings aside, being close to Willy once again generates insecurities that have always tormented her, and the love she once felt for him is born again.


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