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Division Business Services: Mining and Aggregate Companies Are Our Specialty

Using us to help you buy your mining property ensures that a professional broker will be handling your transaction under strict confidentiality.  We have and will find qualified mining property for you purchase. 


Confidentiality: All buyers sign non-disclosures before learning anything about a business. We will not disclose a business before, during and after the sale. When our broker brings you a mining property, he/she has the ability to follow through.


Latin American Land Services

The China Latin American Trade Center Mineral Division can provide prospectors, exploration companies and mining corporations coordinated mineral land services.  From a single source, clients can draw upon our coordinated land and legal service for rapid and accurate completion of land status reviews, title examinations, property acquisitions, permitting and digital mapping.  Our land professionals are experienced in handling land issues.


Geologic Consulting: Industrial Minerals and Metals

The professional associates of China Latin American Trade Center Mineral Division are industrial minerals specialists.  They understand the complex interrelated factors which often determine whether or not a deposit can be brought into production.  CLATC Mineral Division can provide for geologic consulting services for copper, iron, aluminum and other base metals in the Latin America and the Caribbean.


Mining Engineering Services

CLATC Mineral Division can provide the services of geological and mining consulting companies. Reports can be utilized in the financing of projects by IPO’s, private placements and completion of additional placements on various exchanges located worldwide such as the London Stock Exchange, Vancouver Exchange, Toronto Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange.


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